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General Information

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Intellectual Property Rights

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Copyrights and/or Design Rights

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Governing Law

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Reproduction in paper form

With the exception of icons and images, this website’s pages may be reproduced in paper form, subject to compliance with the three following conditions:

  • distribution must be free of charge,
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Reproduction in electronic form

Reproduction of all or part of this website in electronic form is authorized so long as the source ( is clearly and legibly cited and the words “All rights reserved” are included.

The information may be used only for personal or charitable purposes.

All commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent from Les Pensières.


Product-related information

The information and illustrations that appear on the pages of this Internet site are based on the technical characteristics prevailing at the time of on line launch or update of the various pages on the site.

In the context of its policy of ongoing improvement of its products and services, Fondation Mérieux may modify the characteristics of its offer at any time.

In any event, the information contained on this site is information of a general nature and is not contractually binding.



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Under no circumstances may Les Pensières be held liable for the content or the products or services proposed on sites with which is connected via a hyperlink or any other type of link.


Limitation of liability

You are fully and solely liable for your use of the website Les Pensières may in no way be held liable for direct or indirect damage, such as, in particular, material damage, loss of data or programs, or pecuniary loss resulting from the use of this site or sites that are related to it.



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Any modifications will be binding on users, who must consult these General Terms and Conditions each time they connect.


Statistical Tracking Data

We use connection data to collect viewing statistics (browser used, number of visitors, sections visited, etc.) for site-optimization purposes in terms of site sections and navigation. However, this data is not transmitted to third parties.



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