In synergy with the Mérieux Foundation,

Les Pensières Center for Global Health is a public health centerwith expertise based on over 35 years of engagement with scientists and public health players worldwide.

Convinced of the importance of pooling knowledge and the increasingly urgent need to share this knowledge with the world’s poorest countries, Dr. Charles Mérieux created a place dedicated to public health worldwide. This vocation was then confirmed and expanded by Alain Mérieux. In the 1980’s some of the first conferences in the world on rabies, polio and HIV/AIDS were held at Les Pensières. The tradition has continued in recent years with emerging threats such as Ebola, Zika and MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus).


Les Pensières Center for Global Health is open to all those wishing to organize an event in the field of health, including training, conferences, seminars, colloquia and meetings.

We also host philanthropists and associations serving the greater good, organizing not-for-profit events.

We are also open to local companies and stakeholders that share our values and wish to organize meetings and retreats.




We therefore welcome:

  • International organizations, NGOs, foundations, business federations and universities
  • Health sectorand biotech companies
  • Local companies and stakeholders


Nearly 150 events, involving nearly 6,000 people, are organized each year at Les Pensières:

Training sessions, in particular the intensive international courses run by the Mérieux Foundation: training in vaccinology (ADVAC) and diagnostics(ACDx), which each year involve nearly 200 participants from over 40 countries.

Les Pensières Center for Global Health also hosts training sessions organized by Institut Pasteur, Epiconcept (public health and epidemiology), and by a range of professional associations.




Conferences and symposia, such as the Colloque des Cent Gardes on HIV/AIDS and vaccinology conferences organized under the partnership between the Mérieux Foundation and Sanofi Pasteur. Specialized congresses (neuro-urology, neurosurgery, numerology, bio security, etc.) have also been held at the center, together with lunchtime lectures and symposia.



Work seminars :
board meetings, shareholder meetings, management meetings, study days, team seminars, etc.