The men and women that run Les Pensières also make the center unique.

They are an international team at your service to ensure all your requirements are met and your meetings run smoothly.

Driven by a passion for their work and a quest for perfection, the members of the team at Les Pensières are united around the values of the Mérieux Foundation and embody French hospitality, authentic high-quality service, discretion and simple, warm-hearted relations. They are on hand to ensure you feel at home from the first to the last day of your stay.

Bénédicte Pansier
Center Director

Bénédicte Pansier, Center Director
Bénédicte Pansier took over at the helm of Les Pensières in 2016, aiming to « promote the centerand continually strive to connect men and women who play a role in advancing global health worldwide. »
Les Pensières has a 20-strong international team dedicated to working together to serve you and ensure your needs are met in full. The team is organized into six departments.

Conference organization

Laure, Claire and Cloé are the first points of contact for our clients and are dedicated to providing the support you require for designing and organizing your event at Les Pensières.

Laure Meyssirel, Conference Organization ManagerLaure Meyssirel
Conference Organization Manager
Claire Hanoka
Conference Organizer
Cloé Sigonneau
Conference Organization alternating


Johann and his reception team ensure you enjoy a personalized welcome to Les Pensières, and run a concierge service to handle all your on-site requirements.

Johann Pageaut, Director AssistantJohann Pageaut
Director Assistant
Malcolm Cooper
Head receptionist
Bagdad Hocine, Head receptionistBagdad Hocine
Head receptionist


Morgan Torossian
Romain Perrissin-Fabert
Assistant Chef
Mathieu Regazzoni
Station Chef
Anne Leguen
Head of Service
Julie Genin
Head of Service Assistant
Liliana Simon
Catering Assistant
Catering Assistant


Anna and Olha ensure the bedrooms, meeting rooms and catering facilities are in impeccable condition.

Anna Ottas, Housekeeping AssistantAnna Ottas
Housekeeping Assistant
Olha Mikhova, Housekeeping AssistantOlha Mikhova
Housekeeping Assistant

General Services

Franck is responsible for general services, the site security and room maintenance.

Franck, General services managerFranck Jenn
General services manager

IT Services

Patrick Louboutin

IT Technician


Our caretakers, Daniel and Ghislaine, ensure a 24/7 on-site presence.

Daniel & Ghislaine Stas, Caretakers

Daniel & Ghislaine Stas

Jules & Sara, our Bouvier-Bernois dogs


And last but not least, Jules & Sara, our Bouvier-Bernois dogs, live year-round at Les Pensières. Highly affectionate mascot, featured on many photos of groups that have stayed at our center.