« Nous vous remercions pour l’excellente organisation, souhaitant revenir à ce si bon coin. »

Almoustapha Elhadj Ibrahim
Chef de Cabinet du Premier Ministre de Niger

“ It’s a great place for people to interact, every minute is valuable! There is nothing I can think of, that would make that place better ”

Michael Gilmore
Harvard MedicalSchool

“ I truly enjoyed the meeting which was made more enjoyable by the special venue ad the amazing food. ”

Janine Murtagh

“As usual, a perfect place to listen, exchange and talk with scientists in a family mood”

Jean-Marie Cohen

“ Everything is perfect here! ”

Ulrike Baum

“Thank you to the entire staff! Everything was superb!”

Thomas Dougherty
Harvard Medical School

“We would like to reiterate our gratitude for your usual hospitality during our just ended IVIR AC meeting last week. You have a very dedicated team (including the chef and his team) to ensure that meetings run smoothly and for this we are grateful. We look forward to coming back in February”

World Health Organization

“ It was such an amazing experience in Annecy. Thanks a lot. ”

Turkan Turkmaya
Mérieux Nutrisciences

“ The PDC workshop has been amazing and very grateful for hosting us and for all the support you provided to make it enjoyable. Thank you! ”

Vikas Meda

“ Thanks for the hospitality, this has been the perfect venue for this meeting. ”

Laura Lloyd
Public Health Officer, WHO

“I loved staying at Les Pensières. The staff are so helpful and so polite. The staff were so helpful with regards to my dietary requirements. It made my stay so much more enjoyable. Keep up all your good work.”

Lisa Domegan

“The stay was wonderful, I would stay again! The food and staff were fantastic. Room was tidy and spacious.”

Denise Bay
ICARe, Université du Manitoba

“ Your help allowed us to work in an environment of peace and content and therefore we could all bring out the best of our thoughts and give our paramount contributions to the work we do. Thank you very much. ”

Runa Khan

“ Many thanks for hosting us in Annecy. It is a wonderful venue, and the science and networking opportunities were excellent. ”

Emily Adams
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

« Les Pensières est un lieu magique où il fait bon vivre, travailler et échanger avec des amis qui viennent de l’Europe entière. »

Jacqueline Trouillas

“ Les Pensieres exceeded our expectations and more importantly, those of our participants: we’ve been ordered to host any upcoming meetings back in Annecy! ”

Mark David Lim
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“ Highly recommended venue for vaccine and other related conferences. Staff should be proud that your conference centre is really unique and the best ever! ”

Yvonne Khoo
Malaysian Ministry of Health

“ A wonderful place with very helpful staff. ”

Alexander William
National Institute of Health (NIH)

“ Thank you for arranging a great meeting and for giving me the opportunity to present to the excellent group of scientists that were in attendance. I really enjoyed the meeting and the excellent scientific program. ”

Duncan Steele
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“ I really enjoyed your services and hospitality. Keep up the good work. ”

Lweno Omar
Ifakara Health Institute

“ The best place for a scientific training ”

Maria Joao Cunha
Sanofi Pasteur

“ A brief note of thanks to you and your team for the fabulous hospitality at Les Pensieres, that helped to make the 2nd annual Human Vaccines Project Scientific Steering Committee meeting a tremendous success. Looking forward to our future collaborations ”

Wayne C. Koff
Human Vaccines Project

“Fantastic once again but even better this year. Complements, thanks”

Suzanne Sachs
Università della Svizzera Italiana

“ Thank you very much for the warm and elite hospitality that matches this wonderful place and emphasize in my mind that this is heaven ”

Nagwa AbdelTawab Hasanin

“ It’s like coming home to me, it’s a wonderful place to learn and interact! ”

Rosanna Peeling
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases

“ It is so amazing that the organization and logistics worked beautifully to give us the opportunity to share, talk and learn ”

May Chu
Colorado School of Public Health

“ Superb location, tastefully made up rooms, very helpful, engaged and cheerful employees – A pleasure to work here each time! ”

Esther Wick

“It was a great pleasure to participate in this week of training. A big thank you to all the organizers for the quality of the teaching provided, the very good organization and the conviviality of this training.”

Pr. Max Maurin
CHU de Grenoble

“ Beautiful, well maintained place. I could stay here for ever. Congratulations ”

Monique Wasunna

“ A wonderful place for a conference. Thank you ”

Karen Keddy
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Great place to work and stay, thank you”

Sabine Reiter
Federal Ministry of Health

“ Fabulous! I was very well looked after. Thank you! ”

Lea-Ann Kirkham
University of Western Australia

“The staff are excellent. Extremely friendly and understanding. They treat the guests like family. A truly wonderful experience!”

Anna Durbin
Johns Hopkins University

“A huge thank you to you all for the organisation of the 5th GTFCC Annual Meeting! We received great feedback from all participants”

Johanna Fihman
World Health Organization

“ We are very productive in les Pensières, we all have very fruitful discussions and it feels like we’re at home! ”

Lauren Cutright
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“ Everybody enjoys coming here, it’s not only because of the perfect setting, it’s for the high-quality conferences held here ”

Christopher Nelson
Sanofi Pasteur

“As usual, extremely friendly and polite service, excellent food, thanks to the kitchen crew, great stay”

Melanie Marti

“ Great meeting with a great atmosphere. ”

Isabelle Serr
Helmholtz Zeutrum Muchen